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Qualify for FREE SHIPPING!!!

Anyone can qualify and receive free shipping:

- Mexico on orders of $1,500+ MXN
- USA & Canada on orders of $2,500+ MXN
- Rest of the world on orders of $4,500+ MXN

We make handmade clothing cool again


We know handmade clothes sound like ancient history, but guess what? It's pretty cool for you and the environment!! Here's the thing, we strive for zero waste and the way to get there is by making each piece carefully and consciously...and by hand of course!

All of our items are made to order! This means that as soon as we receive your order we get to work! Starting with cutting your garment, then sewing and making sure every detail is perfect. Once it's ready we pack and ship, this may cause a longer waiting time than the speed of fast fashion brands, but waiting... is soooo worth it! We will make it worth your while and you'll receive cute stuff made just for you that is made to last!!! Sounds too good to be true? It's not! We seriously deliver!

Want to gift loud and proud slow fashion? We have gift cards! They're digital, so they'll make you're eco-lover friend VERY happy!

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