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By Angela Gutierrez

It started out with a bikini bottom...

The Beginning of Our Brand: How a Bikini Bottom Inspired a Swimwear Revolution

In the world of fashion, inspiration often strikes in the most unexpected places. For me, that moment of inspiration came in a rather unexpected way: through a bikini bottom. Yes, that's right, a humble bikini bottom was the starting point of a journey that birthed our beloved swimwear fashion brand.

It all began with a common frustration that many women share: the endless search for swimwear that meets our needs and makes us feel comfortable and confident. In my own quest, I found myself increasingly disappointed by the lack of options that offered sufficient coverage and comfort, especially in the bottom area.

That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands and seek out a solution for myself. I started exclusively purchasing bikini tops and crafting my own bottoms. To my surprise, these homemade bottoms not only met my expectations but also garnered numerous compliments every time I wore them to the beach or pool!

In conversations with friends and other women, I realized I wasn't alone in my struggle to find swimwear that offered the coverage and style we were seeking. Many shared the same frustration and longed to find a similar solution.

And so, the idea was born to start crafting swimwear that addressed this underserved need in the market. With passion and determination, I began designing and creating swimwear that not only offered the coverage many women desired but also reflected a vibrant, fun style that celebrated the beauty of every body.

From those humble beginnings to the vibrant present of our brand, we have always maintained a commitment to offering garments that make every woman feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful. Each piece of swimwear we create tells a story of empowerment and self-expression, inspired by each of our personal experiences and the need to challenge conventional beauty standards.

We are excited to keep creating fashion that not only looks good but also makes every woman who chooses our brand feel good.


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