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By Angela Gutierrez

Swimwear Care Guide: Keep Your Style Bright All Summer Long!

 Hello, sun and sea lover! Ready to look fabulous at the beach or by the pool? Your swimsuits are like your best buddies during those moments of fun and relaxation under the sun. So, let's make sure to keep them radiant and ready to shine with you all summer long with these care tips!

  1. Rinse after every dip: After each adventure in the pool or the sea, give your swimwear a quick rinse with cold water. This will help get rid of chlorine, salt, sand, and other pesky residues! It'll keep the fabrics happy and the colors vibrant.

  2. Hand wash with love: When it's time to give your swimwear some TLC, remember to use a gentle detergent. No harsh products that could damage the fabrics and colors! A delicate touch is the key to keeping them in perfect condition.

  3. No wringing, please: After washing, say no to wringing and squeezing. Just give them a gentle squeeze to get rid of excess water and then let them rest on a towel to air dry. Easy peasy and stress-free!

  4. A bit of shade: Prevent your swimwear from soaking up too much sun. Direct sunlight can fade colors and weaken fabrics, and that's no fun at all! Instead, place them in a cool, shaded spot to air dry naturally.


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